Polyurethane enamelled copper wire

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Polyurethane enamelled copper wire has good direct solderability, which can avoid peeling off the film during the winding process, and effectively improve the work efficiency; the dielectric loss angle tangent is small, and it has good "Q" value characteristics at high frequency; there is no pinhole in stretching and bending, which is suitable for high-speed winding; it has good solvent resistance characteristics for the solvent and hardener used in the same water immersion.

Application: widely used in high frequency transformer, inductance coil, relay, motor, electrical instrument coil with long-term working temperature below 155 ℃

Polyurethane enamelled copper wire

Polyurethane enamelled copper wire

Name: 2uew / 155 direct welding enamelled round copper wire

Temperature resistance grade: 155

Withstand voltage: 550V

Color: natural color

Package: reel winding package

Insulation Description: qa-1 is equivalent to 2uew / 155, and its insulating layer is polyurethane, which has good direct solderability at 360 ℃ ~ 400 ℃.

The diameter indicated in the specification of enameled wire refers to the diameter of bare copper wire. The diameter of enameled wire measured by caliper is the outer diameter (including the thickness of paint coat).

UEW is the representation of Japanese standard, Taiwan and South Korea both use UEW, and QA is the representation of national standard and international standard. The difference between them is that the outer diameter of UEW is relatively loose, and the others are basically the same. Note: 2uew = qa-1, 1uew = Qa-2.

Chalco produces all kinds of industrial motor professional enameled wire, automobile motor professional enameled wire, transformer special enameled copper wire, enameled round copper wire, precision instrument enameled wire, qa-1 / 155 (2uew) enameled pure copper wire, enameled copper wire with a variety of specifications, welcome new and old customers to negotiate and order.

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