Paper wrapped cable

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The cable paper-covered wire is a wire that is extruded or drawn by an oxygen-free copper rod or an electrical round aluminum rod after being annealed by a specified die, and then wrapped with two or more layers of insulating paper on the copper (aluminum) conductor (including Winding wire for telephone paper, cable paper, high-voltage cable paper, inter-turn insulating paper, etc.), suitable for oil-immersed transformer coils and other similar electrical appliance winding wires. The electrical bare copper (aluminum) wire produced by the extrusion process is an ideal material for the production of cable paper-covered wires.

Paper wrapped cable

Paper wrapped cable for sales

Aluminum Flat Wire

Narrow side size: a: 1.00mm—8.00mm

Wide side size: b: 3.00mm—25.00mm

copper flat wire

Narrow side size a: 0.90mm—5.60mm

Wide side dimension b: 2.00mm—16.00mm

Copper aluminum round wire

Nominal diameter of conductor: φ1.7—φ8.0

Cable paper wrapped round wire

Conductor Nominal Diameter


Nominal insulation thickness(mm)







allowable deviation(mm)







Note: For the thickness between the two sizes, take the deviation corresponding to the larger size

Cable paper wrapped flat wire

Nominal insulation thickness δ(A-a) or (B-b)(mm)


more than

less than or equal to


+0   -10



+0   -7.5


+0   -5

Note: If the maximum external dimension does not exceed the maximum size of the conductor plus the maximum insulation thickness specified in this specification, the allowable insulation thickness exceeds the specified value.

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