Copper enameled wire

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Enamelled copper wire is a coil made of copper wire. There is paint on the copper wire to block the conduction between wires. As for the purity of copper wire, it depends on the need. Generally, the highest purity can reach 99.999%.

Enameled copper wire has high conductivity and good frequency conversion effect

Enameled copper wire has high conductivity and good frequency conversion effect

Application of enameled copper wire

Copper enameled wire is mainly used in electrical equipment to realize the conversion of electromagnetic energy, such as electric energy conversion kinetic energy, kinetic energy conversion electric energy, electric energy conversion into heat energy or electric quantity measurement, etc.; it is an indispensable material in motor, electrical appliances, electrical instruments, telecommunication devices and daily electrical appliances.

Advantages of copper enameled wire

The maximum density of copper enamelled wire is 3.63 g / cm3. The product is about 2.45 times longer than enamelled round copper wire at the same output. Each ton of enamelled copper-clad aluminum wire can save 1.45 tons of copper wire, which saves cost and resources.

The performance of enamelled round copper wire is up to that of enamelled round copper wire.

enameled copper wire price

The price of copper enameled wire has a lot to do with the specification. The smaller the specification is, the more expensive the price is. And the total price fluctuates with the price of copper futures, so there is no way to give you an exact value!

According to the commonly used specifications, enameled wire is generally priced in the way of "copper price + processing fee". The general specification (0.200 ~ 0.500mm) is more than 10 ~ 20 yuan / kg. If the copper price is 50000 / T, the total price of enameled wire is about 60 ~ 70kg (batch price, sample price is calculated separately).

copper enameled wire manufacturers/copper enameled wire manufacturers

Chalco focuses on the production of copper enamelled wire / aluminum enamelled wire / flat copper wire / paper enamelled flat wire / enamelled flat wire, etc!

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