Copper clad aluminum wire price

  • Time: 2022-02-26 09:20:33

Copper clad aluminum wire (CCA) is a 9 product vigorously promoted by the state and the third generation conductor after copper and aluminum vigorously promoted by the Ministry of information industry. Copper clad aluminum wire (CCA) has good conductivity, high strength and strong weldability. Its specific gravity is 3.32g/mm3 ~ 3.63g/mm3. Its DC resistivity is 70% of that of pure copper. When the same area and weight are the same, its length is 2.5 ~ 2.7 of that of pure copper Times.

copper clad aluminum wire

copper clad aluminum wire price

Copper clad aluminum wire price is related to the proportion of copper. The unit price is a little more expensive than copper. The larger the specification, the cheaper it is.

Compared with the original copper cable, the price of copper-clad aluminum cable with the same square and the same number of cores is only about 60%. If the copper-clad aluminum cable wants to meet the DC resistance and current carrying capacity of a certain specification of copper cable, the price of the cable is only about 70% of that specification of copper cable. Our company guarantees that the square section of copper clad aluminum cable produced meets the standard (positive tolerance).

Manufacturer of copper clad aluminum wire

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