Copper clad aluminum wire

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Copper clad aluminum wire refers to the wire with aluminum core wire as the main body and a certain proportion of copper coating on the outside, which can be used as coaxial cable conductor and wire and cable conductor in electrical equipment. Aluminum wire has small specific gravity, but its welding performance is not good, so the copper-clad aluminum wire can not only make use of the advantages of small specific gravity of aluminum, but also improve the welding performance. It is suitable for electric power and electric appliance industry.

Copper clad aluminum wire is light in weight and easy to transport, install and construct

Copper clad aluminum wire is light in weight and easy to transport, install and construct

Difference between copper clad aluminum wire and copper wire

Copper wire:

1.Advantages: good conductivity, good thermal conductivity.

2.Disadvantages: the price is more expensive than ordinary wires.

Copper clad aluminum wire

1.Advantages: under the condition of the same quality and diameter, the length ratio of copper-clad aluminum wire to pure copper wire is 2.45:1 ~ 2.68:1, which greatly reduces the cost of cable production; copper clad aluminum wire is more plastic than pure copper wire, and unlike aluminum, it will generate insulating oxide, so it is easier to process;

Copper clad aluminum wire is light in weight and easy to transport, install and construct. Because the mechanical properties of copper-clad aluminum wire and pure copper wire are not exactly the same, we should pay attention to them in engineering construction and constantly accumulate experience.

2.Disadvantages: the melting point of aluminum wire is low.

Which is better, copper clad aluminum wire or copper wire

We can compare copper-clad aluminum with copper in the following three aspects:

1.Mechanical characteristics

In other words, the mechanical properties of pure copper are better than that of copper-clad aluminum.

2.Electrical performance

Because the conductivity of aluminum is worse than that of copper, the DC resistance of copper-clad aluminum conductor is larger than that of pure copper conductor. Whether this will affect depends on whether the cable will be used for power supply, such as power supply for amplifier. If it is used for power supply, copper-clad aluminum conductor will cause additional power consumption and voltage reduction.


Copper clad aluminum conductor is sold by weight, and pure copper conductor is also sold by weight. The price of copper clad aluminum conductor is more expensive than pure copper conductor of the same weight. But the same weight of copper-clad aluminum is much longer than pure copper conductor length, and the cable is calculated by length. The same weight, copper clad aluminum wire is 2.5 times the length of copper wire, the price is only a few hundred yuan more per ton. All in all, copper clad aluminum has great advantages. As the copper-clad aluminum cable is relatively light, the transportation cost, installation and erection cost of the cable will be reduced, which will bring certain convenience to the construction.

4.Easy maintenance

The use of copper clad aluminum can reduce network failures and improve the transmission quality of the network.

Generally speaking, the overall performance of copper-clad aluminum conductor is better than that of pure copper conductor, which will save the cost of users.

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