Aluminum enamelled wire

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Aluminum enameled wire is a kind of enameled wire used more and more at present, which is inseparable from its own performance characteristics. Aluminum enameled wire not only retains some advantages of copper enameled wire, but also has more advantages in weight and cost. Therefore, it is favored by many users, and with the continuous progress of aluminum enameled wire in the future, there will be more applications in the future.

good consistency of paint film, excellent insulation performance

good consistency of paint film, excellent insulation performance

Classification / application of aluminum enameled wire

The common specifications of enameled aluminum wire are round tube, square tube and rectangular tube. The common specifications and models are: round tube size of Φ 6-325mm, square tube size of  10 *10-200 * 200mm, rectangular tube size of  10 * 20-100 * 200mm.


Enameled round aluminum wire

Enameled aluminum flat wire

Round tube

Square tube

Rectangular tube





Advantages of aluminum enameled wire:

Aluminum enameled wire has high heat resistance temperature, good thermal shock and softening breakdown performance, which is suitable for high-speed automatic winding. It also has the characteristics of high breakdown voltage, no pinhole, direct welding, high frequency resistance, small dielectric loss angle and good wear resistance. In addition, its pulse life can reach dozens of times of ordinary composite enameled wire.

Compared with copper enameled wire, the heat resistance grade of aluminum enameled wire is about 20 ℃ higher than that of copper enameled wire. When the copper conductor is changed into aluminum conductor, only 14.7% of the conductor diameter is enlarged, and other performance parameters remain unchanged. The most important thing is that when the original 1 ton copper enameled wire is changed into aluminum enameled wire, only 0.4 ton is needed, which is about 40% of the weight of copper, and the cost is only more than 20% of that of copper enameled wire.

Price of aluminum enameled wire:

Aluminum enameled wire is also the same as copper wire. Generally, it is priced by the way of "aluminum price + processing fee". However, as the processing fee of aluminum is about three times that of copper wire, please consult the staff for the specific price.

After sales service, quality assurance:

Chalco provides you with all kinds of enamelled wires with accurate size, good consistency of paint film, excellent insulation performance, and many kinds of products, including direct welding, non direct welding and self-adhesive

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