Aluminum battery box

  • Time: 2021-01-20 16:30:44

The appearance design of aluminum battery box mainly includes material, surface anti-corrosion, insulation treatment, product identification, etc. In order to meet the requirements of strength and rigidity and the design requirements of IP67 protection grade of electrical equipment shell, and provide collision protection, the battery module in the box is rooted in the bottom plate, and the wiring harness direction is reasonable, beautiful and reliable.

mechanical strength

(1) After the test, there should be no mechanical damage, deformation and loosening of fastening parts, and the locking device should not be damaged.

(2) For the battery box fixed by the locking device, the locking device shall be reliable with anti misoperation measures

general requirements

(1) It has the convenience of maintenance.

(2) In case of vehicle collision or spontaneous combustion of battery, the structure or protective measures to prevent fireworks, liquid and gas from entering the compartment should be considered.

(3) The battery box shall be provided with nameplates and safety signs, so as to provide enough space and fixed foundation for the installation of fuse, power line, acquisition line and various sensing elements.

(4) All connectors, terminals and electrical contacts with basic insulation shall be protected. After the connector, terminal and electric contact are joined, they shall meet the requirements of gb4208-2008 with protection grade of 3.

After completing the design of the whole power battery system, the made power battery system must pass the bench performance test to verify whether it meets the design requirements. After the loading test, the system is improved and perfected.

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