6101-t61 aluminum bus bar

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Aluminum bar refers to a long strip of aluminum with rectangular section and used for conductors of electrical equipment. 6101-t61 aluminum bus bar is mainly used in high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, bus duct and other electrical engineering. As a conductive bus, aluminum bar has the advantages of low resistivity and large bending.

6101-t61 aluminum bus bar

6101-t61 aluminum bus bar

The conductivity of aluminum is smaller than that of copper, but the price of aluminum is low. As long as the cross-sectional area of aluminum row is large enough, it will not generate heat. It can be connected with aluminum welding or copper screws.

Material of aluminum bar: it is mainly determined according to the purpose and conductivity requirements. According to the previous production experience, we use the common 6063 material for the oxidation production line (low voltage, high current). The aluminum bar is hoisted on the top of the warehouse to form direct cooling natural convection heat transfer, so as to reduce the dry consumption of cooled food at least. The dry consumption of food increases when the compressor is working and alleviates when it is shut down. Because the cooling speed of the aluminum row is particularly fast, the working time of the compressor is shortened and the shutdown time is long, the cold storage made of this aluminum row has less dry consumption of food, better food preservation effect and less frost on the aluminum row compared with the cold storage made of traditional cold row, so that the humidity in the warehouse is moderate and the temperature is stable, Good effect of constant temperature and humidity.

6101-t61 aluminum bus bar features:

  1. Strong corrosion resistance:

The density of aluminum profile is only 2.7g/cm3, about 1 / 3 of that of steel, copper or brass (7.83g/cm3 and 8.93g/cm3 respectively). Aluminum shows excellent corrosion resistance under most environmental conditions, including air, water (or brine), petrochemical and many chemical systems.

  1. High conductivity:

Aluminum profile is often selected because of its excellent conductivity. On the basis of equal weight, the conductivity of aluminum is nearly twice that of copper.

  1. High thermal conductivity:

The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is about 50-60% of that of copper, which is beneficial to the manufacture of heat exchangers, evaporators, heating appliances, cooking utensils, as well as automobile cylinder heads and radiators.

  1. Non ferromagnetic:

Aluminum profile is non ferromagnetic, which is an important characteristic for electrical industry and electronic industry. Aluminum profiles cannot spontaneously ignite, which is important for applications involving handling or contacting flammable and explosive materials.

  1. Good machinability:

The machinability of aluminum profile is excellent. In various deformed and cast aluminum alloys, and in various states after the production of these alloys, the machining characteristics change greatly, which requires new machine tools or technologies.

  1. Strong formability:

The variation of allowable deformation is dominated by specific tensile strength, yield strength, ductility and corresponding work hardening rate.

  1. Aluminum bars have high recyclability:

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