6063 aluminum tubular bus bar price

  • Time: 2021-04-30 14:29:19

6063-aluminum-tubular-bus-bar is mainly used in the conductor connection between power grid transmission wires and substation transformers in power construction projects, jumpers in transmission lines, connecting conductors in power equipment, and large current DC ice melting devices. The overcurrent conductor is a brand-new conductor that replaces the traditional rectangular, trough-shaped, bar-shaped busbars and flexible wires. It is one of the key equipment (materials) in the power transmission and transformation system. It is important for the safety of the transmission and transformation system and power equipment. Reliable operation plays a vital role.

6063 aluminum tubular bus bar price

6063 aluminum tubular bus bar price

6063-aluminum-tubular-bus-bar advantage

The current carrying capacity is large, and the power loss is small. The aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy bus bar is a hollow aluminum conductor with a large surface area and low AC resistance, so the power loss of the bus bar is small.

Good heat dissipation conditions and low temperature rise. The aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy bus bar is a hollow conductor, and the inner diameter air duct of the aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy bus bar can naturally form hot air convection, and the heat dissipation condition is good.

The allowable stress is large and the mechanical strength is high. The allowable stress of the busbar is 4 times that of the rectangular busbar, which can withstand large short-circuit currents and has high mechanical strength, which makes the busbar support a large span. In the case of 50KA short-circuit current, using the bus bracket to support, the bus span can reach 13 meters.

Strong electrical insulation performance. The aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy bus bar adopts the post insulator insulation method.

6063 aluminum tubular bus bar price

The price of 6063 aluminum tubular bus bar price should be composed of aluminum ingot price and processing fee. The processing fees for the same materials, conditions and specifications are relatively fixed. Due to the impact of the market, the price of aluminum ingots fluctuates greatly, so the price also fluctuates.

The price of common specifications is low, and the price of special specifications is high.

Brand awareness. Due to high quality, customer trust and shortage of supply, the price of aluminum sheet is relatively high. This is why buyers request quotations from different manufacturers for the same material. In addition, factors such as order quantity and transportation distance also have a greater impact on the price of 6063 aluminum tubular bus bar.

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