130 single glass fiber enamelled flat copper

  • Time: 2022-07-01 18:10:56

The temperature resistance index of single glass fiber enamelled flat copper has three grades of 130,155,180 and the insulation thickness generally has four grades of 20, 30, 40 and 50. This product is widely used in windings of transformers, electromagnets, welding machines or other similar electrical equipment products.

130 single glass fiber enamelled flat copper

The wire wrapped insulation layer of glass wire shall be wrapped tightly and evenly. The wrapping layer must be dipped in paint and baked, and there should be bonding strength between layers and between insulation and conductor. It is allowed that the glass fiber wrapped insulating layer is locally thick at the repair binding. The length of the thick part of the repair shall not exceed 150mm; The thickness shall not exceed 50% of the specified value of insulation thickness, and the repair position of each coil or circle of wire shall not exceed three.

Insulation thickness of single glass fiber enabled flat copper wire

Maximum value = maximum overall dimension of enameled flat wire - maximum dimension of conductor + maximum thickness of single-layer glass fiber

Minimum = minimum paint film thickness of enameled flat wire + minimum thickness of single-layer glass fiber

Single glass fiber enabled flat copper breakdown voltage

The withstand voltage of single glass fiber enamelled wire has margin, which is increased from not less than 650V to not less than 800V

The withstand voltage of double glass fiber enameled flat wire shall not be less than 1200V according to the tests of various manufacturers and the requirements of relevant users

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