Aluminum Flat Busbar

  • Time: 2021-03-19 11:38:33

Aluminum Flat Busbar is a kind of winding wire which is drawn or extruded by electrical round aluminum rod through standard die, annealed and softened bare wire, and then painted and baked for many times. It is mainly used in the winding of transformer, reactor and other electrical equipment.

Aluminum Flat Busbar

Chalco's main aluminum plate

130 polyester enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire;

155 modified polyester enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire;

180 polyesterimide enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire;

200 polyester imide / polyamide imide composite enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire;

Grade 120 acetal enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire.

Production scope:

Conductor thickness --- A: 0.80-5.60 mm;

Conductor width --- B: 2.00 ~ 16.00 mm;

Width ratio of Conductor: 1.4:1

Conductor material:

The soft aluminum flat wire for enameled flat wire meets the requirements of GB / T 5584.3-2009. The resistivity at 20 ℃ is less than or equal to 0.02801 Ω· mm2 / m. according to different insulation requirements, thin film of 0.06-0.11mm or thick film of 0.12-0.17mm can be used.

The thickness of self-adhesive layer of thermal bonding enameled flat wire is generally 0.03-0.06mm. Our company uses dielectric loss meter for monitoring. If you have requirements for film thickness, please contact us, you can customize it according to customers.

According to different mechanical strength requirements, the specified non proportional elongation strength Rp0.2 standard range of semi-rigid copper conductor is as follows:

C1rp0.2 (> 100-180) n / mm? 2, c2rp0.2 (greater than 180-220) n / mm? 2, c3rp0.2 (greater than 220-260) n / mm? 2. Can be customized according to customer technical requirements.

Chalco specializes in the production of aluminum flat wire, enameled wire, paper wrapped wire, silk wrapped wire, bare aluminum flat wire, price negotiable, large quantity preferential production of aluminum flat wire

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