6063 aluminum tubular busbar manufactor

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Chalco's 6063 aluminum tubular busbar, aluminum magnesium rare earth alloy tube bus (ldre), aluminum manganese alloy tube bus (LF21) and heat-resistant aluminum alloy tube bus series (6063 Zr) are widely used as over-current conductors in 220kV, 500kV, 750kV, ± 800kV and 1000kV substations and converter stations of power companies, as well as in high current DC ice melting devices. The products are produced by horizontal hot drawing, horizontal hot forming, cold top piercing and so on. The products are exported to Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, India, Vietnam, Tajikistan, etc.

6063 aluminum tubular busbar manufactor

6063 aluminum tubular busbar manufactor

Main parameters and performance of 6063 aluminum tube bus:

Materials: ldre, 6z63, 6063g (6063) and LF21 (3A21)

Outer diameter of 6063 aluminum tube bus: φ 70 - φ 450mm

Wall thickness of 6063 aluminum tube bus: 3-15mm

At 20 °C, resistivity ρ, Ω· mm2 / M: 0.032-0.034

Main features of the product:

The 6063 aluminum tube bus is a hollow conductor with good convection heat dissipation, low temperature rise and low loss;

The skin effect coefficient is small, the current distribution is uniform, and the current density can reach 1.4a/mm2;

It is helpful to increase the corona inception voltage;

It is easy to install and maintain, easy to connect, and occupies a small area, which is 1 / 3 of the flexible conductor;

The internal grain structure is compact and has strong corrosion resistance; it is not easy to ice and has strong disaster resistance;

6063 aluminum tube bus has high strength and heat resistance, and can operate at 150 ° C-200 °C. at 250 °C, its tensile strength can maintain more than 88% at normal temperature. This characteristic is suitable for ice melting device engineering and large capacity substation engineering.

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