Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire refers to the wire drawn, extruded or rolled by using oxygen-free copper rod or round copper wire through a certain specification die, and the winding wire is coated with insulating varnish for many times. The "flat" in the enameled flat copper wire refers to the shape of the material. In addition to enameled flat copper wire, enameled copper wire also includes enameled round copper wire and enameled hollow copper wire. Enamelled flat copper wire has very good insulation and corrosion resistance.

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire Advantages

In addition to excellent insulation and corrosion resistance, enameled flat copper wire has excellent performance in current carrying capacity, transmission speed, heat dissipation performance and space occupation.

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire Usage

Enamelled flat copper wire has a wide range of uses, especially in the windings of various electrical equipment such as telecommunication equipment, transformers, motors and generators. It is believed that with the further in-depth research of enameled flat copper wire, it will be more widely used.

Enamelled Rectangular Copper Wire Specifications

Vertical winding/flat winding/enameled copper flat wire 200 class flat 0.5*4mm flat copper wire 3*6mm enameled flat copper wire

220 grade enameled flat copper wire vertical winding enameled flat copper wire processing 2*3mm motor enameled copper

Enameled flat copper wire QZYB-180 grade enameled copper flat wire 1.5*6mm enameled

Production of enameled flat copper wire 1.8*5mm 1.9*2.9mm 2.5*4mm 0.8*3.8mm 0.6*7.6mm 2*5mm 2.5*5mm 2*6mm 0.9*3.6mm 2*4mm 3*5mm 1.7*1.9mm 1*4mm 0.4*3.0mm 1.5*4.5mm 1.7*6mm

3*7mm 1.5*8mm 1.8*3mm 2.1*2.7mm 2.8*3.5mm 3.8*7mm 3.5*10mm 2.8*8mm 2*12mm 2*9mm 3.5*7mm

Heat-resistant temperature grade of enameled wire according to insulating material: Y (90°C), A (105°C), E (120°C), B (130°C), F (155°C), H (180°C), V (above 180°C) ), its E, B, F grade enameled wire main varieties are acetal, polyurethane and polyester three types, H, V grade paint

The main varieties of covered wire are polyesterimide, polyamideimide, polyester-amideimide and so on.

Enamelled flat copper wire manufacturers

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