Copper clad aluminum hanger bar for zinc refinery

As a professional manufacturer of advanced copper-aluminum connection technology, Henan Chalco has been committed to improving the connection process of copper-aluminum conductive joints, resulting in better conductivity and higher connection strength. Aiming at the copper-aluminum casting conductive head in the electrolytic environment, our company has innovatively developed a new connection process for the copper-aluminum conductive head, and realized the friction welding of the conductive copper beam (including the conductive head).

Copper clad aluminum hanger bar for zinc refinery

Good conductivity and high bonding strength

Features of Chalco’s Copper clad aluminum hanger bar:

  1. Solid phase welding process, the material is not melted, and the metallurgical bond between copper and aluminum is realized.
  2. The oxide film at the copper-aluminum bonding interface is broken during the welding process, and the metallurgical bonding of clean metals is realized, with good conductivity and high bonding strength.
  3. The bonding strength of solid phase welding process is better than that of casting and explosive welding processes.
  4. The welding process is safe and pollution-free and belongs to the green welding technology.

The copper-aluminum composite part samples made by the new process were processed according to GB/T228.1-2010 standard tensile samples. The test results showed that the samples were all broken at the aluminum base material of the aluminum composite sample, indicating that the copper-aluminum bonding strength was very good , Is an excellent connection process. Conduct conductivity tests on copper-aluminum composite joints. The resistivity of the conductive head of the new process is 72.34% of that of the traditional connection method. The resistivity is lower and the conductivity is better.

Henan Chalco uses new copper-aluminum composite technology and new technology for existing products to make the product quality better, lower price, and more efficient. It assists customers in improving the quality and efficiency of plate manufacturing, and saves energy and reduces consumption for customers. Our consistent pursuit.

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