1070 transformer aluminium strip

At present, the grades of aluminum strips for dry-type transformers mainly include 1060, 1050, 1070, etc. they are mainly used as conductive materials for high and low voltage windings of dry-type transformers. Transformer aluminum strip requires certain tensile strength, elongation and conductivity. The conductivity of 1070 transformer aluminum strip is 62%, the surface is smooth and the edge is free of burrs


1070 transformer with picture

1070 transformer with picture

1070 transformer aluminum strip starts from the aluminum strip melting and casting process, and strictly controls the melting and casting, rolling, heat treatment, finished product shearing and other process links. By controlling the alloy composition and optimizing the rolling and annealing process, the transformer aluminum strip has achieved high conductivity and mechanical properties.

1070 transformer aluminum strip for sale

Product thickness: 0.2mm ~ 3mm,

Width: 100mm ~ 1000mm,

Inner diameter of strip: 300mm ~ 510mm,

Maximum outer diameter of strip: 1000mm

Dimensional accuracy control.

Mechanical properties: determined in accordance with the national standard GB / t3880-2006.

Conductivity: the conductivity of the strip at 20 ℃ shall comply with 1/ ρ ≥ 35.4m/Ω· mm2, reaching the required conductivity, etc

Packaging: moisture proof packaging

Surface quality: the surface quality, burr, crimping and other technical indicators of Henan Chalco aluminum strip are very high. It should be well processed and uniform in texture, without serious scratch, metal and non-metal pressing objects, oil spots, local deformation and other defects.

Allowable deviation of thickness

Thickness (mm)

Allowable deviation of thickness (mm)













Allowable deviation of width

Width (mm)

Allowable deviation of width





Burr requirements

Aluminum strip thickness

Mao Cigao (mm) (≤)







Henan Chalco aluminum has achieved the key research goal of 100% qualified rate of products in storage and more than 95% customer satisfaction, which marks the success of the company's product development of aluminum strip for transformer.

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