Copper steel explosion bonded clad plate for conductive cross arm

The conductive arm is made of copper steel explosion bonded clad plate with rectangular cross-section and water cooling inside. It eliminates many insulation links between water-cooled conductive copper tube, electrode clamp and the arm, thus greatly simplifying the structure of the arm on the ultra-high power electric arc furnace.

Copper steel explosion bonded clad plate for conductive cross arm

It reduces the induced voltage drop on the electrode and the corrosion of refractory

Good structural rigidity, safe and reliable work

The function of the conductive arm of the electric furnace is to clamp and support the electrode, and transmit electric energy to the electrode, so that it can be heated.

Requirements for conducting cross arm: light weight, good rigidity, small impedance and long service life. One end of the conductive cross arm is supported on the upright post, and one end clamps the electrode, and has the lifting function. The light weight of the conductive arm means that the driving power of the electrode column is relatively reduced.

Base material


Cladding material



NB/T 47002-2009

Cladding thickness


Base thickness






The characteristics of copper steel explosion bonded clad plate for conductive cross arm are:

1.The clamping mechanism of the electrode clamping mechanism is large. The electrical contact between the electrode and the copper chuck is good.

2.The center circle of the electrode is small, which not only reduces the inductive voltage drop on the electrode, but also reduces the corrosion of refractories.

Setting a reliable insulating layer in the right place will not make the current diffuse or produce gap arc, and the parts will not be damaged by heating.

The main advantages of using copper clad steel plate to make conductive cross arm are as follows:

1.Adopting hollow section and double-layer copper clad steel plate, the skin effect is greatly reduced, the impedance is reduced, and the electrothermal efficiency is improved.

2.The box-shaped structure with hollow cross-section and the inner water-cooled channel greatly enhance the strength of the transverse arm, which is beneficial to the adjustment of the electrode motion without causing vibration and to the stability of the arc.

3.The weight is lighter than the traditional steel tube cross arm, and the inertia is small, which is conducive to the frequent lifting and adjustment of the electrode.

4.The rigidity of structure is good, the vibration of horizontal arm is reduced, and the work is safe and reliable.

5.Reduce resistance and reactance value, increase electric efficiency;

6.The structure is simple, compact, easy to install, use and maintain.

Application field: It can be used in heat exchanger manufacture, power transmission and electrical equipment. Copper clad steel plate conductive arm is one of the important parts of short network of secondary high current power supply system in steelmaking electric arc furnace and ladle refining furnace. It is a replacement of the old and traditional conductive copper tube arm with obvious cost. And technological advantages.

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