Copper aluminum sheet for LED heat dissipation substrate

With the development of economy, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the trend nowadays. LED industry is a sunrise industry. Up to now, LED products have the advantages of energy saving, power saving, high efficiency, fast response, long life, environmental protection and so on. Usually, however, the input power of LED high-power products is about 15% to convert into light, and the remaining 85% to heat. Generally speaking, if the thermal energy generated by LED luminescence can not be derived, the junction temperature of LED will be too high, which will affect the product life cycle, luminous efficiency and stability. Copper has good thermal conductivity, aluminum has good heat dissipation, copper aluminum sheet for LED heat dissipation substrate is an ideal skill to improve the heat conduction and heat dissipation efficiency of LED chips, but also to reduce production costs of new materials, is the development trend of LED packaging industry.

copper aluminum sheet for LED heat dissipation substrate

The copper layer has uniform thickness and high mechanical strength

Henan Chalco produces single-sided copper clad aluminum plates sheets, which make full use of the excellent thermal conductivity and heat dissipation physical properties of copper and aluminum metals, rapidly speaking of heat derivation. It is used in COB packaging of high-power LED as an excellent heat dissipation substrate material.


  1. Flat plate, uniform thickness of copper layer, high mechanical strength, extreme cold, extreme heat and no lamination. Extend the service life of the product, and realize the intensive miniaturization design of the same power.
  2. LED chips are directly encapsulated on the copper surface. The heat generated by the chips is transmitted directly from copper to the whole surface. Then the chips are dispersed through aluminum. The good thermal conductivity of copper and the heat dissipation performance of aluminum are brought into full play. It is the most ideal DOB subassembly heat dissipation substrate material at present.




Bonding strength

Copper ratio

Tensile strength









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