Lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet

The lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet independently developed by our company can not only improve the accuracy of the hole position, but also can cool and lubricate the drill bit. At present, other domestic coated aluminum sheets on the market do not have this function.

Lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet

Cooling, lubrication principle

Cooling, lubrication principle: The lubricating material we use is a material that is both water-soluble and hot-melt. When the drill bit heats up and touches the lubricating layer, the lubricating material can absorb heat and melt into a liquid state, and is sucked away when it flows upward along the drill bit groove. At the same time, it takes away the heat of the drill cuttings and the drill tip, which can improve the quality of the hole wall, increase the number of drilling stacks, and extend the service life of the drill tip

Product structure and performance of lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet 

The lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet is based on aluminum foil, and a layer of lubricating material is coated on the surface of the aluminum foil through a process. Cooling the drill bit, while protecting the bit, keeping the cutting edge of the bit always in a sharp state, and reducing the friction resistance of the drill chips in the chip flute, which is conducive to smooth chip removal. Due to the soft coating, the moment when the tiny drill bit touches, it can reduce the elastic bending deformation of the drill bit, hold the drill bit, and have a significant impact on the accuracy of the drilling position.

Bit protection by lubricant pretreatment

Advantages of lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet 

1) Fix the drill bit to prevent the drill bit from swinging: improve the hole position accuracy, increase the number of stacked plates, and improve the drilling efficiency

2) Lubricate the drill bit and dissipate heat: improve the quality of the hole wall, reduce the roughness and burrs of the hole wall, reduce the nail head and wicking, extend the life of the drill, and reduce the broken drill;

3) Completely water soluble, easy to clean: no risk of adhesion residue.

4) Improve drilling quality and reduce drilling costs.

Application of lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet 

Product name

Product model

Product thickness

Product usage

 lubricant pretreated aluminum entry sheet 




It is mainly used for small hole drilling, with cooling and lubricating effects.

Lubricating layer:0.03mm




Lubricating layer:0.04mm

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