Insulated aluminum bus bar busbar

Aluminum Busbar Busbar is a kind of high conductivity, fast heat dissipation, easy to bend, and is widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage batteries, and high-speed trains. It is used for conductive connection accessories. In these applications, it is necessary to carry high voltage and large current. Under the voltage of DV1000V, the choice of the insulating layer is very important. If the quality of the insulating layer is not good enough, it is very likely that the current will break down the insulating layer and make the device Out of danger. In the design of the product, there are strict external insulation requirements for the aluminum busbar.

Because the structure of the product is not the same, the appearance and size of the aluminum busbar are also different, and the choice of insulation layer will also be different.

Two kinds of insulating layer processing methods commonly used in Henan Chalco:

1.Using shrinkable insulating sleeve:It uses PVC casing to directly wrap the copper foil soft connection surface, and then undergo shrinkage molding in a high-temperature furnace. This method has low cost, simple operation, and is suitable for straight row use with simple bending.

The utility model has the advantages of low cost and simple operation

2.The dipping method is designed to meet high standard requirements for product design and use, especially for aluminum bus bar busbar that requires insulation. The use of dipping insulation is the first choice. Dipping is to use high temperature to make the PVC material into a liquid state, and the aluminum bus After putting the bar busbar into it for a certain period of time, take it out, and the aluminum bus bar will be wrapped with a set of PVC material, which will be molded after cooling. This processing method has fast processing speed, smooth surface, bright colors and good insulation effect.

The insulated aluminum bus bar busbar produced by Chalco aluminum using this insulation method has passed third-party testing and certification in the PVC dipping process. The national standard for product testing is to pass a voltage of 6000V and keep it for 120 seconds without being broken down.

Smooth surface, bright color, good insulation effect

Specs of Insulated aluminum bus bar busbar:

Alloy: 1050, 1350, 1060, 1070, 6101, 6063

Temper: H12, H112, T6, T65, T7, O

Thickness: 2-20mm

Width: Less than 300mm

Length: 3000mm--6000mm, or as per request.

Surface treatment: tin plating, silver plating, nickel plating, copper plating.

Insulated: with PVC tube or Dipping with the PVC material.

Further fabrication:  Punched aluminum flat bar, perforated aluminum flat bar, aluminum flat bar with holes, black anodized aluminum flat bar.

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