Aluminum bus duct busway trunking system

Chaclo aluminum develop aluminum bus duct busway trunking system including aluminum alloy bus duct busway coverand Aluminum alloy bus duct busways side board, and have many ready profiles, and could customized as client requirements.

Aluminum bus duct busway trunking system

The aluminum bus duct busway trunking system is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles. It is composed of double-layer boards and upper and lower openings. The side panels are designed with heat sinks and dovetail grooves, which are beneficial to the heat dissipation of the busway, and strengthen the shell rigidity. It is also easy to install and lighten The weight of the bus duct is reduced, the design of a large span can be achieved and the installation bracket can be reduced.

Reinforced aluminum alloy shell design, no screw assembly technology, the upper and lower cover plates of the shell and the side plates are connected without screws, and the screws do not need to be welded. Hooks and grooves are used instead. Because there are no holes on the shell, moisture and dust cannot enter , Improve the protection level, and the appearance is very beautiful.

Characteristics of aluminum bus duct busway trunking system:

  1. Strong anti-corrosion performance

The anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum profile shell is much better after anodizing for 10u. Long-term atmospheric exposure tests on aluminum alloy sheets and galvanized copper sheets of different grades in Japan show that the corrosion depth of the former is about one twentieth of the latter.

  1. Reliable insulation method

There is an insulating layer on the conductive bar, and there is a certain air gap between the phases, and there is an insulating pad made of DMC material between the conductive bar and the shell. Triple insulation ensures that the insulation of the busway is foolproof, especially when used in a humid environment. Show its superiority.

  1. Large span design

The length of the linear bus duct is limited by the transportation capacity, and its design and production capacity are not limited by the length, which can meet the needs of large-span bus ducts in engineering, especially modern workshops. Due to its good rigidity, hangers can be installed between 6m spans.

  1. Easy to install

Due to the uniform overall length and symmetrical internal structure, it is easy to invert the phase and easy to install.

Aluminum alloy bus duct busway cover

Aluminum alloy bus duct busway side board

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